Hi, welcome to my blog. This is a new one for me— I’ve never written a blog before. In this blog, I’ll introduce my new book,  "Your Best Life Yet: A Journey of Purpose and Passion." and myself to you. In addition I’ll be talking about other subjects and ideas that interest me. I hope you’ll feel moved to interact with me.


Writing a book was a childhood dream of mine, but once drugs and alcohol took hold of my soul, I stopped dreaming and slowly slipped into a profound darkness from which I didn’t emerge for years. When I did get sober, I began to creep into the light and gradually see everything through different eyes. I started to learn to accept life instead of fighting it at every turn. And the more I did this, the more my heart began to warm up and breathe new life into my soul.

Years later I was to face another demon—cancer. When I heard that word I was so terrified, I thought I was incapable of coping. I felt sorry for myself. Eventually, the doors of my pity party slammed shut, and it dawned on me that I had the ability to get through this recovery just as so many women had done before me and would do after me.  Looking back, I realize that I emerged from my incident with cancer with a deep yearning to live every second of my life to the fullest.

So I began to search for my purpose and my niche. I went to coaching school and acquired some new tools. Yet I still wasn’t certain where I was meant to be, what was my calling. There was a voice deep within trying to tell me something, and I had to find a way to hear it. I realized that I had some new tools, and I decided to put them together in a process that would help me find my way.

What purpose began to mean to me is a whole new way of looking at the path in front of me. Purpose gives new meaning to everything I do. It motivates me, helps me put a meaningful frame around my life,and fills me with hope. It allows me to be really me, to be true to myself in ways that are important to me. If living by my most important values and having a purpose that burns within me can help me find deep meaning in my life, why not help others do the same? Why not write about and teach this process to clients as well as therapists, counselors, and coaches so that they can use it with their clients?

Eventually, the work I was doing and the articles I was writing led me to write my new book, and I remembered my early dream of writing a book. What a cool feeling—to unearth a dream long ago buried within me.